Do It Yourself! 4 Useful Tips for Successful Palm Tree Trimming Gold Coast

Nothing is more pleasant to look at than palm trees dotting in your backyard landscape. These majestic trees dominate the great Gold Coast and for a good reason. Apart from being an automatic aesthetic boost, palm trees are also very useful for different purposes. However, several issues will diminish its beautiful glow over time. Brown skirts and dried, dead palm tree leaves are some of the unsightly features that can hinder the overall look of your palm tree. That’s why you need to learn how to do palm tree trimming Gold Coast.



Your palm tree needs pruning not only to look good but to survive as well. Too many fronds and deadskirts will affect the overall health of your palm trees. That’s why you need to trim it regularly so that it will look great and stay healthy. You don’t have to call your local arborist to help you prune your palm tree. All you have to do is follow these four DIY tips for successful palm tree trimming:


  1. Pruning using your bare hands are best for smaller fronds. If you’re dealing with larger fronds, you’ll need a sharp pruning saw to remove them. Before you execute the pruning process, treat your tools with some hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Do it before and ever after pruning different palms. This method is for preventing the spread of disease-causing bacteria.


  1. When removing a frond, don’t trim too close to your palm tree. Leave the remaining leaf base. The reason is that the trunk will potentially scar if you try to strop it off, which can become an entry point for insects or disease.


  1. In terms of pruning frequency, you should have palms pruned only when the old fronds have been replaced by new ones over a span of a year. A palm tree will tend to produce a set number of fronds based on its maturity and size.


  1. Trimming during the summer is a big no-no! The reason is that the Brown fronds protect the trunk from the summer sun. Having them removed will expose the fresh fronds to early deterioration.

Palm tree trimming Gold Coast is an important task that you should always consider when you’re taking care of your palm tree at home. Having a palm tree at home requires full responsibility from the homeowner. So make sure you execute effective pruning by following the four steps listed above.