The Cost of Conveyancing – What You Need to Know

Conveyancing is the process of transferring property ownership from one person to another. The process has plenty of transactions that need completion before the contract, and even after completion. A conveyancer southern Adelaide makes the process less tedious for buyers and sellers who may not know how to go about following the set guidelines.

A conveyancer is a qualified and licensed expert responsible for offering advice and information on the property sale. It is the professional who also prepares all the documentation necessary for the transfer and conducts settlement on behalf of the buyer or seller. The services of a conveyancing firm are essential when buying or selling a property, subdividing land, registering property, updating the title and removing or changing an easement.


When the buyer hires a conveyancer, he will prepare, clarify and also lodge or file legal documents like a memorandum or transfer and sale contract. They also research property and title, handle deposit money in a trust account, calculate rates and taxes and settle the estate. The conveyancer presents your interest as a buyer to the vendor. When a seller hires a conveyancer, he represents the seller by completing and sorting all legal documents, responding to buyers’ questions and requests.


The Fees


Conveyancing fees vary from one company to another. There was a time the charges were high, but with the increased competition in the sector, many companies have reduced their rates, and so you need not worry about the cost. Conveyancers charge professional fees plus VAT for the services. One way of ensuring that you get fair fees is using conveyancing quotations.


Many platforms give you the chance to compare conveyancing quotes from different firms so that you can choose a firm that offers reasonable prices and one that can deliver quality services. They break down the services so you can understand how they arrive at the figures they are charging you. When comparing, it is not always advisable to go for the lowest or highest as there is no guarantee they are the best.



When looking for the best conveyancer southern Adelaide, ensure that you will get a solicitor that is not only qualified but also with a lot of experience when it comes to handling the process and settling the deal to enjoy a smooth experience whether you are buying or selling a property. Compare different firms and ensure that you also choose one that you can get along with easy to get value for your money. Be sure that the expert you are working with has excellent communication skills and is available whenever you need to discuss business.