When Is All On 4 Dental Implants SA the Best Option? – Three Factors To Consider

When it comes to dental implant treatment, there are no rules – only guidelines. It’s the ability to solve various dental cases is the reason why dental implants are so popular. Different types of implants can answer multiple dental needs. However, what exactly are the indications that will tell you to get all on 4 dental implants SA? In this article, we’re going to show three factors that will require all on four implants.

You Have A Row Of Missing Teeth

Let’s start with the obvious. If you have more than one missing teeth and they’re aligned together, all on four dental implants will work wonders for you. When this happens, you don’t have to place implants on each missing teeth. Instead, you’ll use a total of four implants on the top, and another set at the bottom to serve as the main anchors. Afterwards, your dentist can then attach a row of artificial teeth onto the missing spots.

Speech Issues

Another major concern that all on four implants can help is remedying speech issues. Several factors account for speech issues. One element is the way your teeth are shaped and positioned inside your mouth. It can also be the dentures or the bridges that the patient is wearing. These factors can alter the way the patient speaks the letters “D,” “T,” and “S” since the lateral borders of the tongue will tend to flare upon making the sound.

As a way to remedy this, it’s best to replace your dentures with a dental implant. For people with crooked or odd-shaped teeth, you can have them purposely removed and replaced with implants with perfectly-shaped artificial teeth. The latter may cost more, but the results will be the same.

You Have Difficulties Chewing

Whether it’s due to dentures or you have bad teeth, you can remedy your chewing difficulties with dental implants. We all want to enjoy the food we want to eat. With all on 4 dental implants SA, you can no longer hold back on tough meats as you can now handle them with the help of implants. Just replace your dentures, or any teeth that you find is giving you problems when you eat.

All four dental implants are not for everybody. But when the situation calls for it, all on 4 dental implants SA can give you the best value for your money. So if you are suffering from any problems that are listed above, make sure you book an appointment with your dentist and request an all on four dental implant operation.