What’s the Importance of Removing a Tree Stump?

Whenever you cut a tree, there only is half the relief since the stump gets left behind. Initially, you think and feel like the tree stump does not pose any danger or safety issue; but, it could become a problem right from the get-go. If you need reasons for stumpremovaladelaide.net.au – stump removal Adelaide, then this article is what you need.

Reason 1 – Safety Issue

Arguably the most significant reason why you must do a tree stump removal on your property is that it quickly becomes a safety hazard, especially if your children and pets spend considerable time outside to play. Playing in the yard means they might not see the presence of the stump and may trip on it. Tripping on a stump will cause injury, something you do not want to happen to your kids or pets.

The safety issue linked to the presence of a stump on your property is more than just about being a tripping hazard. If you hire someone who will mow your lawn and you forget to reveal the presence of the stump covered in grass or sprouts, it could lead to an accident and cause irreparable damage to the lawnmower.

Reason 2 – New Growth

It is likewise crucial to opt for stumpremovaladelaide.net.au – stump removal Adelaide because ignoring the stump paves the way for generating new growth. While the presence of sprouts appears harmless, the more severe problem lies underneath. When the stump becomes resilient enough, it’ll continue growing, thereby allowing the roots beneath it to expand and cause destruction in the process. If you do not remove the stump, the roots will find its way to the sewer lines and the plumbing pipes, causing severe damage in the process.

Reason 3 – Pest Infestation

With tree stumps on your property, there is a possibility of pest and insect infestation. You probably do not know it, but stumps offer a possible and ideal area for pests and insects to live and thrive. For instance, termites love the stump since it is made from wood. Carpenter ants get attracted to it for the same reason. If you do not get rid of the tree stump, you will see your home getting invaded by unwanted pests and insects in no time. Be reminded that pests and insects are not only annoying; they also might bring disease and illness to your home.

Reason 4 – Eyesore

Finally, you want to get rid of the stump on your property since it negatively affects the aesthetic value of your outdoor space and property. The truth is there is no sensible reason to keep the stump in your yard. If you do not have the time or skills to remove it on your own, then you always can hire a pro to do it for you.